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Samantha suffered a spinal cord injury on July 12th of 2005. All the support and well wishes have helped her tremendously. For all of us who know and love Samantha, we know she's has the willpower and determination to make it through this tough time. Her estimated medical expenses are expected to exceed a cost of one million dollars this year alone.  
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Samantha Slusak Trust Fund

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Thanksgiving 2005 w/NJ cousins



Latest News - As of July 16th 2008

Sam is continuing to work hard everyday. She recently return from Germany where she had her first stem cell treatment. The link to a recent story on her is given below.... 

Bay News 9 Story

Sam's MYSPACE account

Samantha celebrating Sydney and Sean's birthday with her pal Stephen.

Dr. Wise Young's CareCure.Org Site



Uncle Steve and Sam at Sam's 18th birthday party

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